Nov 30, 2009

Time to re-access...

We are one more day away from December, which completely struck me this morning in my quiet time~ I spent a wonderful four hours with the Lord last New Years Eve praying about the previous year and dedicating 2009 to Him. Here we are closing in on the end of this year and I can't believe it! I have grown so much, and my children have grown so much!

I can sense a season of change approaching, and while I laid in my bed this morning not wanting to get up, I could make a check list of all the things I would like to change and not change and what I could do better and perhaps not do at all! I am sure though that I am going to seek the Lord desperately in the coming year! That is the one thing I am most excited about! I don't know much else the Lord has in store, I just know that in order to be prepared and equipped to do whatever He has for me I much make sense of the world that I am called to here in the home! That includes parenting, marriage, schedules, schooling, seeking my God! Everything else is going to have to wait and be placed on hold for a little while! I need to get back to the basics and make sure the Lord is ordaining these steps of mine!

Do you ever just take a step back and re-access your life and make sure it is as the Lord is wanting it to be!!?? I need to do that every so often because I can get so comfortable in my "routines" that I am not walking in His best for me! So I am reevaluating and looking forward to what is in the "next" of my life! Some things may not change...I will just have to wait upon the LORD and see His direction!

I do hope to blog more...because I treasure the blogs I read and hope to be a treasure to someone as well!

Have a blessed day,