Jan 28, 2009

Welcome back to the blogger world, one might say! Yes it has been awhile and I honestly cannot say how often and consistently I will write, but what I do know is that I love to update family and friends on the happenings in our world, I value each and every person who may happen upon this blog!

So I've included pictures here but my text is not going to necessarily go with it so I will at least give you the run down in this paragraph...We now have two puppies! Chloe we got two months ago, is the sweetest animal we have ever known. she is tender and obedient and smart, however, we desire to have some extra protection since we live in an area that while it is beautiful, is unpredictable in the times in which we live. So we got another pup yesterday to provide some companionship and extra security.
"Preacher" is his name. He is so little, smaller than Chloe was when we got her...he is 8 weeks old today while Chloe is 17 weeks...

My kids are getting older and so stinking fun.

Jake will be 11 in March and is just simply a delight. He is excited for some baseball. He is totally enthralled with the guitar and practices on the electric guitar nonstop. I have to say I do love it and do not mind. I can totally tune out the nonsense of loudness if I have too.

Jaden is 9 and loves singing and hip hop. It is so cute! I love to watch her concentrate as she learns a new combination and then as she works to learn it. It's fun to watch your children apply themselves don't you think? She may play softball this spring, which will be fun, baseball genes run deep in our family so...

Josh is 7 and baseball all the way...star wars and light savers..and
cars and tools and taking everything apart! Cannot wash his clothes with out checking the pockets! At night he is always cuddled with various goodies like batteries and parts to different
expensive flashlights.

As some of the pictures might elude, we are in the process of changing the house up a bit! I'm painting the house a grey color and will be using black and red to accent..I was so tired of looking at stained carpet so I ripped it out, why not?? Now we look at the messy concrete slab, which honestly I don't mind at all!!! Perfect for training puppies! Dust has gone down and now we will get our wood back!

I love the picture here, you see where we left off painting! LOL, don't you just love it!

Well, I'm going to head off for now, I hope to write again soon. Blessings..

Jan 22, 2009


Her worth is far above rubies!
She girds herself with strength and strengthens her arms.
She extends her hand to the poor.
She is not afraid of the snow for her household, For all her house is clothed!
Strength and honor are her clothing.
She shall rejoice in the time to come.
She opens her mouth with wisdom.
She watches over household and does not eat the bread of idleness.
Charm is deceitful and beauty is passing, but a woman who fears the LORD she shall be praised!
~This is my mother, isn't she beautiful? I wish to proclaim that what Satan meant for evil the LORD GOD has made good! The ashes God has turned to beauty! My mother carries the weight of a testimony one would dread, but she has transparently shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ and many will see the glory of salvation because she chose to fight..
I honor you mom! May my daughter carry on your testimony and walk in the ways of the Lord as you!

My Daddy!

I know this is a random post, but I have this wonderful picture of my father and I thought I would post and say...I love my father, he had worked faithfully to allow my mom to stay home and raise 3 kids allow for her to do full time ministry and he himself to love people for the Lord Jesus! I love you daddy, thank you for loving unconditionally always. Love hopes all things, believes all things, always patient, always kind, it does not envy and it is not self seeking! I am not writing this Scripture out verbatim, I just out of memory am throwing out the attributes I know of your character..I bless you!

Jan 1, 2009

Happy New Year

Good Morning/afternoon/evening/night!

It is January 1, my whole family is still in bed, I'm up putzing through my morning in total silence. It is wonderful. I have so much on my heart and so many bloggable moments over the past month, I wonder if they will ever make it to the page, nonetheless, I shall try to give both family fodder and depth of insight(LOL) as I can muster the intelligence to pull together.

I suppose the best way to publish this post is to make a running countdown for the events of December and a few reflective anecdotes of the year in review.

Thanksgiving, we had friends new and old over for a wonderful meal and time of fellowship(that sounds stuffy) Soon after, Maybe it was even that morning, Randall and I decided to let the kids have their Christmas gifts since we weren't going to take our Christmas up to New Meadows, ID(more details later on). those who know Randall and I would not be the least surprised at this nonsense as we don't always do things traditionally or in a way that makes sense to every one. Can I say that this make for one of the best Christmases ever! I not once heard can I have...I want...I need...blah blah blah...We spent the entire month of December attending all the Christmas traditions for the typical American Christian family(i.e.childrens programs, choir performance, parties...)Everything seemed to have different meaning.

The first weekend in Dec, was our "nerdy Christmas party". I hung the lights on the house this year with duct tape, (Randall hasn't helped me hang lights in 4 years and I was determined to get them up, brick doesn't make that an easy task) just in time for the guests showing up. We had so much fun...(posting pictures below). Randall really gets into this kind of stuff for some reason...

Jaden sung in the Christmas children's choir and she made me so proud.

The following week end was the Church choir performance...I had choreographed for one of the adult #'s and it was nice to see it come together. Meanwhile I had a terrible case of strep..oh well there is too much to do...that is what medicine is for...I had to skip out on one night of the performances to go to Randall's annual company holiday party, they take us out to a fabulously fancy restaurant and I get to dress up and hang out with my man. We went to this organic pasta restaurant in Downtown Dallas called VillaO. I spent two hours curling my hair(huge feet for me, I don't take time to do stuff like that) I got several compliments, felt very embarrassed and got to be pretty for the night...Randalls company is owned by a Jewish family and I was honored to sit next to the wife, I was completely smitten listening to her talk about their visits to Israel, there is something so cool about seeing Israel through the eyes of a Jew! Made my whole night! Good hair and talking to a Jew. What can I say I'm odd!

Third week was pretty much uneventful, Just preparing for the trip, teaching classes as usual and getting excited and nervous for the drive and time in one cabin with all the family.

We left for ID on Thursday night, I had the through the night shift and was supposed to be able to sleep during the day(not). I knew I was in trouble when two Benadryl didn't take the edge off and I was up and hour later.. In Colorado Springs, I met up with a blogger friend and it was the coolest thing ever. We had Starbucks and talked... I slept a bit through the Rockies and then...night fall and Randall starts getting tired...UGH I took over in Salt Lake City...I DO NOT LIKE SALT LAKE CITY NIGHT TIME SNOW DRIVING IN SALT LAKE CITY!!! Especially after a NoDoz...When the roads began to look different like are they wet?? are they ice??? is tat snow?? I couldn't tell, mind you my heart is now pounding, Randall is asleep and...tired and caffeine and snow on bridges don't go together for me! I woke Randall and not two seconds after I lifted my foot off the gas, a car comes by my and skids out of control and crashes into the center median...Praise you Jesus! I was OK, but ten as we passed about 3-5 other crashes I'm like get me off this road!


We made it after 36 hours...UGH

I will continue this post another time!! Starting with the vacation!