Nov 24, 2008

Sick Days...

You know I love sick days with my children. My kids are very busy and independent, which I love, because it is such a joy to see them live life and grow and play. Even now with homeschooling, I love to watch them learn. What a joy it is to see them get something that has been hard for them to grasp. You know how much more does the Lord Jesus delight in us in the same way! To watch us grow in Him and to learn about Him! As we go about in the world He created for us to live and enjoy, He watches in delight!

The one thing that comes with precious independent kids as they grow, they seem to desire snuggles less and less, the quality time we spend with them becomes more about practicalities and adventure rather than just simply sitting still and being loved. A small child comes to mom and dad with their booboo's and want them to be kissed and cared for, but as that child grows they begin to "suck it up" rather than bother anyone with their pain.

AHHH but sick days...

When my kids get sick, they become a bit more still and receptive to my nurturing touch. I get to put a cloth on their face to cool their fever, rub their backs, even my 5ft 10 year old will sit in my lap and desire sit still time...

As I was pondering sick days, not the kind where the kids are on their "death bed", but the kind that just requires extra R&R...I realized that our sweet Father in Heaven may just also desire us as His children to have sick days, that we might stop our independent ways to climb up into His heavenly lap and let Him love us the way He so desires to! I don't tend to climb into His lap when I'm well and about doing whatever I'm doing..(especially the things I'm doing for Him)and He calls me in sick just so I'll stop and let Him love me..You know I'm a bit convicted!

I hope over the holidays I stop everyday, even as I'm serving all those I'm called to serve, and just climb into His lap and let Him love me. I pray also that you might find a moment where you can play hooky from all you've got going on, just to "hang out" with our God. Blessings to you! Tiffany

Skunk video...downsized to the last 3 minutes!

Sandra fights...with skunk, Randall hides in car

Welcome to our little corner of the world, don't you know that every weird thing that happens, somehow finds its way into our life experiences...

Sandra, was getting ready to come upstairs for the evening and heard scratching at the garage door. Thinking it was the cat, she opened it to see a creature with black and white stripes...aka skunk..

After an hour of man vs. wild we finally got the outcome we desired.. removal.

I will post the 18 minute video as soon as it is uploaded into YouTube!!! I hope you enjoy.

Nov 23, 2008

Sunday Morning...

It's not lookin' pretty, me that is! I woke to the pitter of little feet this morning, well actually it was the feet of my oldest Jake and he does not have little feet. They are larger than mine! We have been hanging out a bit this Sunday morning. Jake loves to have time with just me, he is so tender and thoughtful and we get to discuss deep topics. Honestly its time I greatly look forward to!

I shouldn't be on here this morning, but I thought I would take the moment to blog a bit. Now I need to get a shower and have some COFFEE!! Love y'all!

Nov 21, 2008

Way more Homemade inspired...Thanksgiving...

Thanksgiving at my house... well, I love the holidays, I can tell you! I start putting the Christmas music on well before the normal person deems acceptable. Late Sept/early Oct.
No I didn't start out 13 years ago in my marriage saying we will celebrate Christmas for three months, it kinda just happened. I love to have my house decorated before Thanksgiving so I can enjoy the ambiance for Turkey Day.

I DO NOT enjoy getting up early, but I prepare the turkey the night before, and place it in the oven at 5AM (which on this day I don't mind early) at like 250degrees and it bakes for 8 hours! I put it in a bag and cook it upside down, and the thing is so tender and juicy and oh my so good!!!
By the time I re-wake up, the house smells of Turkey and it's wonderful!

We never have the same crowd twice, as both sides of our family live states away and so we are on our own. I love to cook this meal and regardless it gets made... I put pickles and olives out for the kids to pick at all morning, and they love it!

We eat around 1/2ish and it is lovely, Turkey and mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green beans and mac'n'cheese, stuffing/dressing, rolls and lots of gravy! by dinners end football is back on the TV and if there is o company I'll nap, but if there is company, we will fellowship and maybe play a game or something! I love it, I wish every year for a full house, I don't often get one, but that means that those around me are around there own families and they are blessed and not alone and that makes me so Thankful!

We may have Egyptian believers this year as our guests! What a privilege it will be to love on them in our home! Hope you've enjoyed my small glimpse of a holiday tradition from our family to yours!

Nov 19, 2008

Blonder than I pay to be

So I got back home from Baylor last night, and I was on cloud 9 recalling the Lords favor on the evening and excited to be home... I was multi tasking and getting everything packed up to take in the house, light on so I can see, keys in pocket, purse, pop the trunk, open door, lock it so I don't have to worry, get Bible study bag out of trunk....go inside feeling much accomplished, wait, where are the keys???

Well they would have fallen out of my pocket onto the seat, and the lights were on inside to show off my mistake...

So today, I am stranded at the house with a dead car and keys stuck inside and a husband who is very upset with me. UGH I sure wish I could succeed at more aspects of my life.

Nov 11, 2008

Joshua's signature

Randall was not happy that is for sure!

Randall called me today, Joshua apparently created his signature on the hood of our new Honda!

Week End Events: part 2

~wake up super early Randall took Sandra to school for a test, I took the kids over to the camp out for breakfast we had eggs BACON and all the fixins...
~ The kids played hard until it was time to go to Joshua's baseball tournament,
~ I laughed so hard with the girls while sitting in front of the fire it was so so refreshing! Pure and sweet fellowship! It does exist!
~Randall took Josh home to get his cleats, he forgot them.
~I picked Sandra up from school drove to get food and take it to the flields
~Spent 4 hours at the baseball fields where we got destroyed...(the team is new)
~vegetated the rest of the evening
~church in the AM,
~left a bit early to go to yet another loss of a baseball game..
~facebooked the rest of the day
~church PM

For those of you who might have read this whole post and have yet another after it which is just the way they post...I thought you might find our crazy life a bit of a read! If you couldn't bare to get through it, no loss I will blog in a different style most every other time! Love you!! Tiff

photo from the theater

After four tries, I'm still not happy with this photo, oh well! We are on our way to the Stinky Cheese Man play!

Week End Events:

Friday: Wake and dress for a theater date with my son Jake...take photo (4 attempts)
~enjoy The Stinky Cheese Man
~receive phone call from Randy the, 50% off sale outer wear Old Navy jackets we ordered for the kids for our trip to ID for Christmas, well this order went through 4 times and overloaded the credit card so it was completely unavailable for Randall's business trip UGH, he was NOT happy!
~Went to Chipotle for lunch!
~On the way home I get a phone call from the lunch lady at the kids school and Joshua lost his lunch from the time he left the house to the time he got to school...really he left it in Randall's car...So Randy had to go over to give it to him...NOT happy!
~Went to Kara's to see the new kitty, so cute
~Kids come home and we get ready for camp out
~Drive over to campgrounds(very happy they are just 5 miles away)
~get lost on site
~husband who still hadn't made it home from work when we set out made it to the campsite before we did!
~Major dinner prepared at 5 star camp set-up!
~Eat and fellowship.
~took a walk and after two hours of quiet time with the Lord went back to enjoy the delights of children playing with out worries, men gathering them together to take a hike(20+ people) took a hike, while the rest of us laughed and relaxed by the fire!
~around 10PM Randall and I headed home to sleep because of his back!

Welcome to Facebook!

OK I have found facebook and it is way too much fun! And also my husband has found Facebook! He is hilarious, he is getting friends and making comments, it makes me laugh so hard. I just had to share that delight with you!

So at the end of a very long day we unwind and vegetate next to each other on Facebook..
Y'all know what, there has been so much to blog about recently, I have been overwhelmed with it, please have patience and I will try to get it all done! But I thought you would enjoy the fact that my kids are outside playing and having a great time, there is a fire in the outside pit and the kids are getting along playing baseball! How nice! I'm off to cook dinner and I tell you what, during my down time tonight with Randall, I will try to get some of these fun stories out of my head and into blog form... Love ya! tiff

Nov 1, 2008

Fall photos

This morning, after four years with out family photos, we broke down to get some beautiful pictures. these are not the professional ones, those won't be for about a month, but here is our own shots.

Jaden and Randall



Randall and the boys

The kids

the kids again


Here I am, this is my ministry shot, but also thought I would post it here...

Note to self..."I will be nice"

Jaden is writing things to change her attitude!
Josh is writing to change his attitude
When not getting along what else is there to do except sit facing each other holding hands until we learn to get along, or at least to tolerate one another.