Oct 24, 2008


I have to say that I officially have a website with a design logo for ministry. What a cool day!

I have been looking forward to this but haven't had the prompting of the Lord to move forward. But about 6 weeks or so ago the Lord intorduced me to a "graphics design guy" for lack of a better term...

Well here it is, I am so so so excited. I shall post it here to show it to you. May the Lord Himself direct every path and every step as I go forth to spread His Word! For His Glory!!!

Oct 22, 2008

Borrowed from Life at 7000 feet


Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall?
Uh-huh. I like all the seasons, Each have benefits and each have down sides!
Who is your favorite Disney princess?
What's the last book you read?
Sunset by Karen Kingsbury...
What book are you reading right now?
Name one "presidential" memory (an election you remember as a child, voting for the first time, etc.)
I remember sitting on my dads shoulders while we were at a Regan rally... Later when it was airing on TV You could see me in the crowd. Kind of fun.
What are 3 things that scare you/freak you out?
1. That I would be out of the Lords will.
2. That I would no longer hear His voice
3. That I can hurt people by careless words
If you were running for office, what would your campaign slogan be?
I'm not sure, anything I'm thinking just sounds cheesy and forced.
What is your favorite football team(s)?
Philadelphia Eagles
Do you have anything particular that you're looking forward to this Fall?
Yep. Our first fire of the year! I can't wait, oh and decorating the house with lights for Christmas!
Are you craving anything right now?
Nope, I'm good. Oh wait, I'm craving COFFEE!

Oct 21, 2008

Tuesday is Baylor Day!!!!

I am off to Baylor, one of the things that I look so forward to is going to Baylor University and talkin Bible with a few girls...three came through Dallas and stopped to see me while I was teaching dance it made my day! I love it when all my worlds collide! I'm needing prayer though! Always feel the weight of self on days I minister! God has a plan and I want to be walking in it, you know what I mean. I believe transparent is the word for tonight! I am still waiting on the Lord to confirm! We have such a great time and the Lord speaks a great Word over us each time! I'll catch up here soon. Tiff

Oct 20, 2008

It's Monday!

Well its a Baylor week, and I think I am EXCITED!

This has been one of the biggest blessings and thrills of my life. I can't believe it. I have to tell you that I can sense the enemy trying to steal my joy where this is concerned and for some reason, I am having to fight to keep my defiant J-O-Y why defiant you might ask, because I desire joy to be defiant of my circumstances. For several weeks really I have some situations that have been highly discouraging and I am having to daily make choices with my attitude and my thoughts. Been there? Funny my circumstances don't seem to be changing any time soon...

Yesterday we enjoyed the going into His Sanctuary and worshipping with other believers and I needed to be there, I have to be honest to say nothing gets in my way to worship more than my own stuff. Bleh! Yesterday was no different, not circumstances, I usually can fight through those and bring the praise due to the LORD, however I stuck my foot in my mouth and hurt someone very unintentionally and well, lets just say, it ruined the rest of the services for me, I just kept journaling and praying and repenting! EEEK! Lord help me will I ever learn, probably not, a great deal of the Bible is discussing how impossible it is to control the tongue.. It is filled with deadly poison. AAAHHH! Funny thing is the words were harmless and in good fun, however when someone else is going through a tough time words can magnify hurt and well yesterday they did. I am very sad!

On another note today is our home school co-op day and I promised Jake if he did his work and brought everything to the school, we could stay all morning and play and eat lunch, so we have a great and fun morning ahead of us there, and I hope to get some work aka Bible study in for teaching tomorrow! If you are moved to pray for Baylor, please do, God is moving in the lives of these girls! It's my privilege to serve them in this way.

I would love to fill you in more, but we're leaving in 5 minutes and I'm still in my PJ's!

Do you know that I love you? Anyone who is checking up on us, and reading this, thanks for being interested in our little corner of the world. Tiffany

Oct 12, 2008

Tounrament weekend!

Jake had a fabulous tournament weekend. Jake pitched two games this weekend and NO walks today. Each of the runs were on errors the team made. He had on fabulous catch when the hitter hit a line drive straight at him and he caught it. I think he giggled! He hit a triple and two doubles. Great hitter! Ask his sister (LOL). Joshua and Jaden only sat out with me one time out for thirty minutes ( they were fighting AGAIN) Jake also threw one pitch that smacked a kid right in the side. If y'all could have heard the thump you'd have known how hard he threw that ball. Go Jake!

Oct 10, 2008

Beth Moore

Beth teaching away! 5 hours folks! I could have sat for 5 more...Can't get enough of the WORD of our Living God!

Way More Home Made, my Bsf siesta buddy, being goofy sitting in the teachers spot

Here we are in the front row!!

I am teachin' with those hands HMMM any one who has had to endure my teaching knows I DONOT know how to keep my hands still! LOL

Jadens talent show!!!! You don't have to watch the whole thing you'll get the jist after 45 secands LOL

Mid October Delights

Joshua reading a book
Jaden was just complaining to me that her friend has become the bossy one, I'm not so sure here is a picture claiming otherwise...AHHH so sweet
Jake reading
Josh watching Jake's game after a sad loss...

You know I think she might be tired! Whats your thoughts? After the talent show, video to follow soon, still uploading...

By this time, we are into total routine and I'm getting a bit more acclimated to running around like a chicken with my head cut off...I've never actually seen this happen, but I'm sure it is a sight.

I thought I would post a few pictures of the family since it has been too long!

The kids are getting bigger by the minute and so you need to see them! I hope to have a video of the girl doing her talent show routine, I don't claim any of the choreography, it is playground choreography, her and her friend! So look for it, it's uploading on YouTube.com as I'm writing this.,

Sandra is doing well and very busy, looking into her options for next year.
Jake is finishing up baseball and has a tournament this weekend,
Josh has three more games(all rain make ups)
Jaden is really loving acrobatics and hip hop
Randall is loving football fantasy league and Eagles not doing great, loving baseball and getting ready to teach me all the ins and outs of shooting so I know how to well...LOL
I am running and running and trying to get caught up on sleep any moment I can, building a ministry, running a house and teaching dance, becoming a chauffeur can drain a person, don't you know...what did I do before Coffee??
those that know me well, know that I am already listening to Christmas music and longing for all my card friends to come play games like hearts LOL HMMMM am I going to try to run them again and again, you'll just have to see.

Oct 8, 2008

Baylor update!

What a blast we had getting into the Word last night. I am telling you God is up to something. I am humbled and excited to be apart of it! We have been gathing every other week for the past six weeks and last night was our third gathering. Week one we talked about Psalm 1 and the choice we need to make...we are blessed when we delight in the ways of the Lord that we need to be intentional not to walk in the way of those who don't disire the things of God. We actually did a bit of Exegesis as we lookied into the original message throught he original language. What a group of troupers, I am certainly not spoon feeding them, they are helping prepare a feast of Gods Word. How precious then it was to partake of the meal together.Week two we discussed foundation! How in 1 Corinthians 3:9-15 as believers we have our foundation in Christ but we need to take heed how we build! This was a very heavy time in the Word! I came into this teaching time with an idea of what the Lord was going to speak and about half way through I realized it was a heavy and very different message than expected. So many wonderful and tender tears in the eyes of my girls...I see every one and I respect those tears! Life is hard and Gods Word often cuts to the quick, but the thing that grows back is healed and pure! I love the LORD's way, but it hurts deeply at times!!Last night week three, I can share in much more depth as I am just coming out of it!! I will list for you the scriptures we used and a bit of commentary of what we discussed!2 Peter 1:5-10Galatians 5:22-25Romans 8:4-5Luke 6:43-45We discussed the life we are building in Christ and how essential it is to walk in the Spirit!That the patience the Fruit of the Spirit mentioned is the kids where we are patient with people ad it requires supernatural intervention! That the fruit of the Spirit is what is produced when we are walking in the power and filling of the Holy Spirit! that we will never accidentally be walking in the Spirit! It will be on purpose. How we need to be intentional of three things in our prayer time in the morning...as learned through a study I personally did...Pour out (to the Lord by confession and also our fears and worries and things we deal with)Pour in (allow the Lord to fill you with His Spirit and our cup will overflow)Pour forth(then we can pour forth to others out of the abundance)-We discussed that tree that is planted next to living water!!!-It is a Fruit (of the Spirit) tree-Each piece of fruit is complete with 9 qualities (nutrients)-the fruit is meant to be eaten by others! We each have a desperate need for the qualities that --are in this fruit( love, joy, peace,patience, kindness, goodness,faithfulness, gentleness, self control)-WE really looked at that point, how people are desperately in need of these things! Even I desperately need to be loved! I need joy, and to have peace! That I need others to have patience with me as I am so flawed. I am delighted when others are good to me and are faithful to me. That they are gentle when dealing with me and that theya re not always out of control! We all put ourselves in the "me" place and we agreed we all desires others to share thier fruit with us!-that the tree is planted in dirt and we are formed out of the dirt, so the fact that we are still imperfect and our lives are dirty means we are prime land for seeds to be planted in!-Trees take many years(four full seasons each year) to produce healthy edible fruit.(we need to have patience with our selves while we are in the process...It is Gods timing not ours)-Fruit not eaten just rotsthere are so many more, these are just a few!then out of Luke 6 we talked about how agood tree produces good fruit and a bad tree bad fruit. that out of the treasure that a man hold in his heart, out of the abundance that is in the heart the mouth will speak. This can be a surprising indicator of what we hold as a treasure in our heart! Convicting!! I was tremendously convicted by this time!Now I have revised and summed up a lot of what we talked about...I hope it is blessing to those who read this and you will take the scriptures and study them on your own! It will be in the treasure hunt that these treasures become yours! Blessings! Stay in the Word.TiffanyFor HIS Glory