Sep 20, 2008

Catching up

No I haven't fallen off the planet, although I have to admit I feel like I've inherited a life new and unknown. I've not got any new pictures because the battery on my camera is dead and I haven't the mind to take the battery out and charge it, nor do I have the creative posture to take the pictures in the first place. I will I promise take some adorable photos of these kids and our life. LOL I may even allow myself to be in one. We'll see.

As for our happenings, my life is in the car! I officially became the Morse chauffeur! Glory we found a car pool today! I hope it lasts and we can breath from the gas and time it takes to keep this family running smoothly.

Shall I start at the top, Randall is well doing his usual faithful thing, working at the same company and coaching Josh's baseball team. His Eagles are doing well except the disappointing Cowboys fiasco...

Sandra our honorary daughter is in college and working at Starbucks, and going to school.

Jacob (Jake) is going to co-op and loving it! Homeschooling agrees with him! Praise the LORD!! He is playing baseball for a new team and doing well.

Jaden is my hip hop girl. She is working hard at acrobatics and hip hop and feeling her niche. I am soooooooo happy. She is constantly showing her skills to me and excited for me to be proud of her accomplishments. I think its the sweetest thing ever. I keep hearing the same word describing her "she is such a nut" EEK! Tell me about it!

Joshua baseball is his love and he is very talented, but he is now loving basketball. I think it is so cute to watch. He is full of life.

I am waking early to take Sandra to her job, ministry building, teaching dance, getting Sandra to and from school, as I said earlier in this post, we now have a car pool, Yay! I am thrilled. Every other Tuesday I'm at Baylor and meeting with some very precious girls. BSF started and we are studying the life of Moses and I have a wonderful group. Sandra is doing this as well and is enjoying it I think.

I think this post is prob very boring I promise to be more creative in the future. I just didn't want you to think I've fallen off the edge though it's been tempting.

Sep 10, 2008

Deeper still

Ok so I wasn't at this conference, i just tought this was hilarious. Just to put this out there, I would like to go with some folks to the one in Oklahoma City in Dec...I think its the 4th and 5th. Let me know if your interested in meeting up and having a mini fiesta. Tiff

Deeper Still - Joyful 2 from on Vimeo.

Sep 9, 2008

Tonight is the night I'm headed down to Baylor to hang with some girls and teach Bible Study. I am so elated. I had a moment so I thought I would just throw this on to say hi! If you think of it pray for me this is a very important thing for me and I could use all the prayers I could get. You know I hope to have some pictures or at least a picture of our time together. I'll post some fun stuff soon. It's funny life has been so stressful that nothing has seemed "blagable" LOL. Love you all.

Sep 3, 2008

Just checking in, I have obviously been playing around with the look of this blog. LOL. I hope to have something more interesting to blog here in the near future. As for what we've been up to,

I've been dancing for a week now. Teaching acrobatics,jazz,and ballet. I actually have 2 ballet classes this year. I'm taking Jazz modern tap and ballet. Another year! I love it, I'm so blessed to have this in my life. The kids started school three weeks ago. Jake will start Monday. Randall is working hard and coaching baseball. He is coaching Joshuas team and Jake will play for a rival team this fall.

I will update more later with pictures...Love you all
Tiffany for His Glory