Aug 27, 2008

Just a Thought

There are no pictures today, I just wanted to write a little something to say how much I value each and everyone of you who might stop by to see what our life is like and to listen to the ramblings of my heart. I always always want to hear from you! I always desire to lift you before the throne of Grace! If there are every prayer requests please please list them under comments or email me! I love the Lord Jesus and it would be my privilege to serve you in praying for your needs. Also, please if you are embarrassed at all, leave your prayer anonymously...I can still pray for your situation. You know I am flesh and bone, but the Lord Jesus Christ is Almighty and All Knowing He knows who you are and desires greatly to bless you in your life. I would love to Believe God on your behalf.

My love forever
Tiffany For His Glory

Aug 26, 2008

Siesta Fiesta

I was blessed to recieve a DVD from Beth! A Cool photo of our reserved seating section
Ok so this is the first time I have let anyone into my private time with the Lord, I am head over heals in love with Christ Jesus. This is a picture that the photographer from the event took with out my knowing it.
Here is a Q&A session with Beth, Amanda, and Melissa

Melana, Veronica, me and Adrienne we had so much fun together

Ok now to get to it, I have had a moment to process a bit of the past week end and can write a bit about it. I am sure that all the blogging Siestas agree we needed to digest all the Lord did in us this weekend. For those friends and family chiming in to keep up on the antics of the Morse family, this isn't probably your post, but for those precious Siestas looking to see the weekend through my dimly lit eyes I hope your blessed. All of course are welcome to read on!

I have had an adventure this weekend, to go back to the beginning about a year or so ago Beth Moore founder of Living Proof Ministries looking for a way to connect to the women she ministers to began a blog through the insight of her daughter Amanda who typically does the upkeep and maintainance ( a full time assignment so we were told) since then women from around the country, even the world have been walking a bit of road with Beth and her girls through antics and Word and journaling and all the things blogs are used for. Well it brought such a wonderful outlet for Beth as her writing and Biblestudies and the loss of privacy through her calling to serve the Lord have left her with out a lot of availability for personal aspects of ministry. Weeeeeeeeeeeeell so began the birth of this community of bloggers that kind of interact if you will.

This past weekend was a get together of this community. We met up for one of her Living Proof Live conferences. The fun part is that basically the way we have known each other has been through blogging. I met up with one gal through the blog Michelle to whom i drove down to San Antonio with and another Adrienne that I roomed with. Oh my Did the Lord have me pegged or what each one of the women I spent my time with was just what the Dr ordered. We had a blast!! You see some of the pictures above that show a glimse of my experience. I will follow with a synopsis of the Word message that was spoken. But today is my anniversary and dinner is calling.

Aug 18, 2008

Three kids

A mid summer nights fire!

Where are my little ones you may ask as you read this? Well they came back and saw the fire and were completely unimpressed so they went back to the front yard to play basketball...hence the post with out pictures of them.

Ok so we had all this left over wood from our real live man vs wild experience while we still had Charlie...You know all the wood Randall nailed so elegantly to the bottom of the fence to try and keep the dog from digging out...It didn't work so therefore she has a new home, but here is the kindling for our fire! was nice we enjoyed a crackling fire and a cool night-ish we roasted hot dogs and laughed while Randall yet again in his element tended to his wild ways containing the fire to the pit...

I built the fire hmmmm it's probably great we have Randall to tend to my inability to build a safe fire!

Guess who's turning 7?

Here's the birthday Boy! I thought you could see his personality so well through these pictures!

Ok so these pictures aren't close ups, but you can get a gilmpse of the boys playing catch in the back yard

Four down three to go

Here are the four remaining kittens in no particular order, but they looked sooooo cute in these folded chairs I just had to share.

The Epic First Day Of School

Can somebody clue me in as to why life is not like the movies?
Here is a glimpse into the annual pictures of the epic first day of school. You'll notice Jake isn't in them, He isn't going to the school that Jaden and josh are going, he's going to be home. WE are going to a co-op. I can't stand it we are so excited. I will post of him, but for his first day pocts you will have to wait a bit longer. Ok heres the little'uns

Aug 12, 2008

Boys will be Boys? I say Girls will be girls!!!

Here is my little one my baby girl dressing up the kittens in her american girl clothes! I thought that kitten was the most darling thaaang I ever saw! By the way this kitten is the most docile sweety! I think my daughter has favored him from the beginning and they are bonded. Yes oh yes we are keeping this kitten.

Aug 11, 2008

Three in One

Jaden in the poolJake in the pool

Joshua in the pool Randy posing for the camera
Sandra and Tiffany

Instead of three seperate parties or actually no parties at all because we tend to get too busy...we decided to have a combined pool party this year to celebrate The kids turning their next age...11,9,7 although this is actually Joshuas birthday month. It was a blast and we are glad we went this route.

Aug 8, 2008

Little League

No we do not think Coke is a good hydrator as a matter of fact my kids don't really drink sodas but he really worked hard and this was his treat of choice. Just like his Daddy!

Can you believe so much has happened and I haven't blogged...

In June both our boys were asked to join teams as guests to go to the A Worldseries. Jake went as a back up pitcher and Josh as a back up catcher until the coach realized he knew how to play the position and then he played until he overheated. Mind you in central Texas it was only 100+ degrees and terrible humidity. I don't know why we think it is so cool to put that kind of pressure on 7 and 10 yearolds and every age inbetween but off we went and yes it was fun and exhausting and we din not take home any hardware(aka metals/trophies)

Jaden did her best to entertain herself and we certainly are proud of her...the biggest blast she had was the umbrella. She and a couple of girls played with that thing for hours.

Jake did fabulous...He was the only pitcher that pitched an entire game and we won that game! HMMMM. Got to love the proud parenting moment on that one. He hated being stuck in left field for the rest of the time, but we had a wonderful time explaining being a good sport and what it means to be a guest on somebody elses team. Sometimes he understood other times he pouted...AHH the life! Joshua was so fun to watch... He caught the majority of the time. All that equiptment on a little guy is hillarious. He whips the helmet off so he can see the ball and gets in ready position to get the guy out. But after three games in a row in extreme heat I niticed he was looking alittle spent...after the inning I planned on getting his cooled off and hydrated as the inning ended Josh slowly stood up and walked as slowly and uncertainly into the other teams dugout. It was so sad and funny and scary...One of the coaches ran over and picked him up and carried him equiptment and all back and I of course went to work on getting him back to his normal self. As the intensity and the strategy continue its always funny to me when the umpires call a time out and have to tie the boys shoes...its like ok for real they really are just little guys.

What an experience.