Feb 24, 2008

Science Fair

I thought I would share the pictures of Jakes two projects...the boys did the first one, after Jake won first place at the school fair, they suggested that mom might want to help with the presentation of the district display. Hehe, can you guess which one is the boys doing and which one is with Mom's help?

Feb 7, 2008

Kids in the sunrise and various dogisms(Charlie)

Ok so this is not the kids in the sunrise, but I haven't posted this picture yet and I wanted to isn't he hot? I love this picture of my man!
Joshua and Jaden

Jaden and Jake, we tried to get one of all three but their ride(Randall) was leaving and it is so hard to smile under that kind of pressure.

Ok before you go reporting us to the SPCA Know that she was out there on a nice day and it started raining and she also has a $200 shelter right next to her that she refused to go into.

Again we aren't as rough as we look. Randall and Charlie are bonding AKA wrestling. Charlie's favorite part of the day.

Here is a cute dry picture of our dog, and yes she is a digger and she is very keen. She knows she isn't allowed to dig so she makes sure we are not watching her before she goes to town. Look at that face.

Shooting here go the guns.

Here is randall and Papa shooting the "Big Dog"

Jaden and Jacob and Joshua are listening intently to their father as he explains safety and procedure.
Tiff shooting. Of course hitting the "bull-eye" every time

Papa examining the weapon

the weapon examining papa, well actually its the scope lookng for boogers



Brian and his first experience.

Halloween Classic

Jacob played "select" baseball, or tournament baseball in the fall and we had a blast watching this group of sandlot boys. Here are a few pictures at the end of one of the tournaments called the Halloween classic, they won the whole tournament. Jacob pitched a whole game and only gave up 3 runs, however we scored 13! yay Xtreme.

Morse funn-ness

Joshua and Jaden loving on our newly adopted cat. Ok ok, she adopted up, she is a stray now in our loving care. Oh did I mention she came to us pregnant.

Stay tuned for the info regarding the birth of our kittens. We are so excited. she is due any day!!

Goofy picture of the kids at a pizza place here.

Randall and myself on the way to a Christmas party

Liz attacking Randall sho is digging for a winner. "Go randall!"

Joshua after a baseball game. We called him "pigpen" for a while after he was filthy.

Have you ever heard the saying "everything is bigger in Texas"? Well here is the perfect example if you look in the background you will see a blue net, an enormous blue baseball net. You can't even see the fullness of it as it didn't fully fit in the foyer.

Here is Randall dressed to impress as he heads out of the house to play catch with the boys.

Nore of Nicole's fun hair after I was gloriously allowed to brush her bautiful curls. Hehehehe.

At the annual Fort Worth parade of lights we had great seats to which we sat for three hours to reserve.

Nicole poses on stage for the 2007 recital.

Liz and Nicole are cracking up at something while out shooting!

Liz poses on stage while waiting for the recital to begin

More Random fun-ness in the Morse house

Liz and Katie-2006

Kita onstage posing at teh dance recital last June. More pictures to follow, I just can't get the button to work

Joshua and Jaden are playing outside here on the frame to an adult swint that the dogs ate the cusion to, the wind blew the swing off and it cracked and so we only have the frame to which the kids play on and hang from.

Brian wresting with the kids, they are really intence ito it can't you tell.

Marcos giving Randall some love. Doesn't Randall look delighted?

Brian is using the cookie press with Joshua...Ok the rest of the story? I was baking with Joshua we were making spritz cookies and Brian saw the fun contraption we were using and being the inquizitive specimen that he is took it out of my hands and continued to bake the rest adding sprinkles(jimmies) and the like to make them more festive.

Josh and Brian eating ice cream.

Jaden gets her ears pierced

Of course they post backwards. The pictures that is. Here is Jaden after her ears piercing.

Jaden again after, but different angle.

Jaden in the chair before her pircing. No real good story here, just that she had to get them redone as the original holes closed up.
Isn't my girl georgeous!!!

Our mc students at their best

Has it not been forever since I posted a blog! I am soooooooo...sorry. I hope to keep up on it as I love to read everyone else's blogs and I know you may desire to see what we are up to.
So I was thinking, most of you may not know what I am talking about when I tell you we host college kids in our house.
They are Masters Commission students submitting to a 9 month discipleship program. they take classes through our local AG university and also engage in being trained in the Bible and engage in several ministry opportunities through out the year. Well since I am introducing them to you for the first time I am going to post several pictures of various students as their lives interact with ours over the last couple of years of our involvement.
Here we have Liz and Nicole our 2006/2007 students we went out shooting and they learned some gun safety and shot a few rounds.
These pictures are very random, Here we have Brian and Marcos, Brian is our 2007/2008 student, Marcos is one of our guys that hangs with us often. They came to hang out and Randall had punked out and is sleeping but the boys would have none of that, they went up and jumped right into bed with him.

Nicole has the most beautifel thick curly hair ever, but I begged her to let me brush it out and see what results we would get. Here are the results! I think it is sooooooooooo fun.

Back to the shooting experience with Liz and Nicole. Of course they are just posing and looking beautiful as usual.

Here is one of the guys from 2006/07 year who cam over to hang out with the girls. Liz had CHI'd his hair. So much fun.

Our Brian who currently lives with us, he had his wisdom teeth out and had this funky machine attatched to his face for encouraging a quicker healing.

Brian playing guitar hero...Joshua in the background.

Here we have a back shot of the boys playing guitar hero, Jake is sitting and watching for the time being...he can jam with the best of them do not be fooled.

Brian decided to shave his head! Isn't it awesome. We called him snowflake for a few weeks it was hilarious.

BEAUTIFUL! Liz and Nicole.

Liz and Nicole actually shooting.

Ok so there you have it. That is one complete blog.
I know you will read this one last of the newly posted, but it is the first one I am posting.