May 13, 2007

Baseball Screens and Napoleon

The Kids are playing in the pool that we got for the dogs to cool off in. Please do not miss the screen the dogs have ripped out and the Napoleon sticker on the window. I know I know your wondering what a mess we really are! Where are the dogs? scroll down to see tham hiding near the fence.

Randall playing catch with Jake.

Out for Mexican food with Randalls folks.

Joshua running the bases.

Off goes the helmet to cover home plate.

Jake in between catches with Dad!

Jaden on dance picture day.

Jaden in the sun.

Here are the dogs as far away from the kids as they can be. We got a new pool for the kids and they haven't realized that in our heat it is going to be their favorite attraction! Notice they are in the one patch of shade we have as of yet. No worries!

Charlie sitting in the new chair that Randalls parents gave the kids.

Catchers gear bigger than he is.

As you can see it has been a full week and this is not the whole thing. I can't wait for summer, no school and we can hang out with the kids!!! Well off for now, just wanted to update. I want to write more but it all seems silly when I start to put it to words.

May 2, 2007

A creative first post...Not!

I am trying to figure the pictures out so the captions do not match please excuse today! We will go for the gold next time!

Shari and my self at a taping at Life Today. They were interviewing Beth Moore

This is my beloved Charlie. She is an Old English Sheepdog. 5 months old.

Here is Nick otherwise we call him Dave because he looks like a former dog we called Dave. He is 3 months old

Jaden is of course posing for the camera. PRECIOUS!!

Hello Randall! UH!!

Joshua is smiling very big for the camera.

Jake, Josh and the dogs.

Randall coaching Jake as he comes up to bat.

Madness anyone? Stick around because it is bound to appear with this bunch!!!
Those who know my family well know my mother is forever creating her "movie" code for her life. I think we share the memory making thing in common, however my life seems more akin to a sitcom than any other genre. I hope I can entertain you a bit over the entries maybe you'll be blessed somewhere in the midst for I love my God. He alone is life to me, the air I breath! Ok on with the show.